Andreas Lupo Nordenstam


live at klubb intim video (177mb mp4) or youtube

Inndyr  (8mb mp3)

Evigheten (live)
(17mb mp3)

Liten 303 22 januar (6mb mp3)


(5mb mp3)
Made for the same titled short movie by Anette Ottesen/MIB 2002
Released by Teatergarasjen on their 20th anniversary Kompressor compilation 2003

all sounds are handmade on real machines
everything's tweaked and arranged in one pass, as it's done on stage


Tiemedownandshagmesenseless-EP (sticker)

WTC records 2001, VME distribution
1 Ralph Myerz - Lupos tekno mix
2 Glockenspiel
3 Word Down
4 LoveG#2(13mb mp3)

downbeat tekno

100 percent wet video on youtube - 10 minutes of glorious 3D fractals!
.. mai 2013: track soon to be released on vinyl!
new super high rez video rendering coming too..

monobulber video (779mb mp4) or youtube


Rundemannen (27mb mp3)

Geiranger sketch (14mb mp3)

andreas nordenstam - born 1978 in Bergen/Norway

appeared at countless clubs, underground and  outdoor parties and festivals like fløyen festival, ekko festival, nattjazz, ole blues, lost weekend, klubbfestuka in bodø,  ride this train, olsok festival, tiktak festival, 
kongsberg jazzfestival(with the Kaptein Kaliber Big Band), icelandic airwaves/panorama bar/robert johnson(with Skatebård trio) and so on...

In roughly the order of first official appearance ~ 93/94 sysop/mod in electronic communities, live gfx, flyers, computer music ~ 95/96 deco, party fixing, analog synthesis, building and modding electronic instruments, liveacts ~ 98 club journo ~ 00 exhibitions and film scores, dj'ing, photo ~ 01 releases ~ 02 turntables and electronics service and upgrades ~05 audio pre-mastering ~10 acoustics consultanciess





  or phone/sms: +47 915 66 547    

mastering studio


press photos
Beautiarp(11mb mp3)


2 wheel junkie: technics sl1200's,  hardtail and full suspension bikes
15 min cartoonish and eclectic  dj set (15mb mp3)
30 min ambient sketch set (68mb mp3)

all music, pictures etc (C) Lupo/Andreas Nordenstam 1993-2012
unless otherwise indicated